Thoughts on Eating Meat

Thoughts on Eating Meat

I think the main problem here is that we are all so disconnected from our hearts, to the point where we have lost the ability to have compassion, to love and respect one another. The cruelty they talk about is one and the same, expressed in all different areas of existence. Towards animals, our environment or human beings. The solution is not to free or save one group or the other, but to free ourselves from this madness of behavior, to make a change in ourselves, not outside. The solution is not “out there” but “in here”, it’s an inside job!

And here is where I come with my “campaign”, because I think that one of the main reasons we are so far away from our hearts and unable to feel the natural flow (that should come naturally, as our natural state) of love and compassion is that we pollute our bodies and minds with what we consume everyday, in all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

This is why I suggest that we start working on the most “dense” of our levels of existence, our bodies. By cleansing our bodies from all the toxic waste we normally consume: dead and junk food, unnatural, adultered, “refined” and processed goods. By avoiding this and starting to consume all natural and wholesome foods, we will be able to go back into balance, to free and unblock the pathways to our hearts from all toxic waste with the wrong kind of information, and let the inner light shine through, for us and for everyone around us.

The more we nurture our bodies with natural things instead of unnatural things, the more we go back to our natural state, which is perfect balance, inner peace, equilibrium, happiness, becoming real/natural human beings. The more we can connect to our hearts, the more love and compassion will automatically flow for every living being and for our planet, naturally!

Avoiding dead food is one single and very important step towards becoming natural and we can all make that step today and it would immediately start a chain reaction of unfolding countless beneficial things for us, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, spirits, our environment, our planet and all living beings on it! This is why I suggest we start by taking that step. Everyone can, it’s a matter of choice and awareness. Then, peace will come as a a natural consequence! In us and around us.

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